About the Teardrop

Colorado Camper Rental

ColoradoVintageCamping.com’s Woody Teardrop Camper started off as a personal project for our family to have a great way to get out into nature here in Colorado.  It is built on a fully welded trailer and the living quarters are 8 foot long by 5 feet wide – with a small galley kitchen hatch in the back – basically a Queen size bed on wheels.

On it’s maiden voyage we were stopped at least a dozen times to ask if we built the camper, could we build one for them, could they rent it for the weekend.   After discussing it a bit, we decided renting out the Woody camper would be a great idea to share the love and enjoyment we have gotten from it so far.  So we created ColoradoVintageCamping.com to share our little Woody Teardrop Camper.

While building the camper we focused on using sustainable building techniques and renewable energy technologies.   I work for Solar Energy International (SEI) as my day job and I wanted to make sure I was creating something that was the embodiment of everything I have learned from the dedicated and knowledgeable staff at SEI.

The Woody Teardrop Camper was built with Forest Stewards Council (FSC) Certified wood, recycled denim for insulation, and the battery bank is recharged by a 100 Watt Solar PV module.

Teardrop campers were one of the first recreational vehicles in the United States.   Starting in the 1930’s and gaining popularity into the 1940’s and 1950’s, Americans took to the newly established interstate highways to experience the outdoors in a whole new way.  A teardrop camper was a perfect motel room on wheels – a place to sleep and a place to prepare a meal.   A typical teardrop camper trailer would be 4 feet wide by 8 feet long – basically a full or queen size bed on wheels with some storage cabinets.   What else would one need – right?

Fast forward to the modern era.   RVs and motor homes have grown massive in size and can get up to 40 feet plus in length.  The amount of fuel it takes to move these mammoths is staggering and isn’t all that environmentally friendly nor sustainable.

Many of them are so self contained with AC / refrigeration / multi-room sleeping – there is no need to even go outside.  Wait…. isn’t that the point to camping?  Hmmmm….  To add to the period of over indulgence there is even a class of RVs called “Toy Haulers”.   So strap on even more gasoline tanks for the ATVs and Motocross bikes loaded inside the RV.

Camper RentalIt isn’t that we are against large motorhomes and off road vehicles and their use within the great outdoors – we just support a more simple way to get out and live in nature.   Small = Fun!  Get outside!

So the Colorado Vintage Camping Teardrop Camper is a 5 foot wide by 8 foot long camper.   Imagine sitting on a queen size bed with walls – a 3 speed fan overhead – and a flat screen TV at the foot of the bed.

Bring your iPad or iPhone loaded with your favorite iTunes movie rentals for a personal movie theater experience right inside the teardrop.   Switch to your Angry Birds App for hours of mindless destruction of structures and pigs!

Aspen Camper RentalWalk outside and you have a “galley kitchen” in the back.   Just enough room for a cooler, a sink with running water, and a place to prepare food.  The teardrop rental will also come with the basic cooking supplies you will need for that perfect campfire dinner.

The exterior set up includes a 10×10 foot canopy to give you the feeling of an outdoor living room complete with cafe lights for an awesome evening get away.   Relax under the canopy kicked back in the zero gravity reclining chairs and gaze at the stars or the backs of your eyelids – enjoy!